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5 things people are getting wrong with social distancing in the workplace

With more and more people returning to the workplace and the announcement that from July 4th the social distancing rule will change from two metres to one metre-plus; we thought this was a great time to think about how social distancing can go wrong in the workplace.

As a business do you know how you are going to tackle social distancing again once you re-open your premises?

Like many other businesses, you’ll face a number of issues and questions to ensure that you are able to social distance correctly and maintain the welfare of both your staff and the public.

Not working flexibly

Over the past few months, the way we work has been thrown upside down and all businesses have had to adjust.

Some people will be itching to get back to work, some people will be happy working remotely, and some people will be feeling apprehensive about the prospect of returning to the workplace.

Government guidelines still recommend that if you can work from home then you should work from home, but even so many of you will want to be back in a professional working environment. But as we understand the more people you have returning to work the harder it will be to achieve social distancing.

Why not consider different flexible approaches such as:

·        Staggered shift patterns

·        Rotas for working in the office and working from home

·        Only bringing part of your team back into the office

We know that the flexible approach to working can create other conundrums such as accessing documentation. This can easily be achieved with Document Scanning and Document Storage with our Scan on demand service so that any member of your team can access files anytime from anywhere in a way that suits your business. 

Not maximising your use of space?

One of the biggest issues many businesses will face is space, even with the one-metre plus rule in place, you are likely going to have to rethink the layout and furniture in your premises.

But there could be a hidden trick in many of your premises? How many of you have cabinets, boxes and cupboards full of paperwork and files taking up that much needed room?

Even being able to remove one or two filing cabinets could make a big difference in how you can rejig your office space to achieve social distancing measures.

You can consider Document Scanning and digitise all these physical files, or temporarily move them into a secure Document Storage facility.

Not making it clear the maximum number of people per space

We are creatures of habit and once we all return to the workplace it will feel like we are getting back to some version of a new ‘normal’. But, how easily can you tell just by looking at a space how much room there is and whether if you have 2, 3 or 4 etc. people in a given space whilst still achieving social distancing.

If you have small or confined spaces in your premises, make it clear the maximum number of people that are allowed in that space at any one time.

How multiple employees handle physical documentation

Whether it is patient notes, legal files, or any other customer documentation, have you carefully thought out how documents that are regularly used by different members of the team are going to be handled now?

Sanitisation and hand washing procedures will continue to be vital for workplaces long into the future, but many of us will admit that it is so easy to touch something and then touch or your face without even realising.

It could be easier to consider scanning your files so that your team can access them easily and safely online without having to worry about sharing the same documents.

Unclear or confusing posters and signage

How many of you have been to a shop or supermarket and got immediately confused by the signage and arrows pointing in multiple directions. Let’s just say not everyone has achieved the best results when it comes to signage.

And when you have confusing signage comes people ignoring the signs all together.

If you are implementing specific rules in your premises like one-way routes, specific sanitisation when entering or exiting areas, number limits per room etc. then carefully consider whether they are clear to anyone who will be entering the building.

It is always a great idea to get a third party to test out all the signage to ensure it achieve the desired results.

Contact to see how we can help you with social distancing

Our team are not COVID-19 or Health and Safety specialists, but our business has reacted and adjusted just like yours to continue working whilst still social distancing.

We understand that there will be challenges you have to overcome to be able to continue social distancing which is why we are here to help talk to you about your Document Scanning and Document Storage options.

Call us on 0800 783 7079 to talk to one of our team today and get a free, competitive quote.

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ISO 27001:2017 Accreditation Achieved

AMS are delighted to have achieved ISO27001:2017 Accreditation whihch governs all aspects of Information Security Management System.

BS EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017 is the internationally acclaimed standard for information security management. It is the baseline standard of the ISO 27000 series of international information security management standards and the foundation standard for implementing an Information Security Management System (ISMS). 

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is an Information Security Management System (ISMS) standard which specifies how information security is managed. It is applicable to every type of organisation. Published in October 2005 by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), the standard is not restricted to electronic records but includes written and all other forms of information storage and distribution. It ensures that access to any information is appropriately authorised and access is available to those who are authorised. It also helps preserve its integrity by assessing its accuracy and completeness.

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40 Years in the Archiving Business and Still Going Strong

We are thrilled that 2017 marks 40 successful years of trading for Archive Management Systems Limited (AMS). In today’s competitive business environment that is an enviable achievement, and we would like to thank all of our fantastic team and loyal customers that have helped us reach this milestone.

AMS began life in 1977 founded by Roger and Linda Clarke, Abbey Microfilm was born. With the addition of Peter Lillie and Simon Clarke in subsequent years, the company began to grow in strength and numbers. As time went on and technology began to change we were able to increase the number and type of services we could offer. To reflect this our name changed to what we are known as today, Archive Management Systems.

With today’s loyal and committed staff – some who’ve been employed for over 30 years! – we have been able to provide document scanning and archive storage services for these 40 years and have hundreds of satisfied customers who continually recommend our services to this day.

“I have been with AMS for 26  years now, and it has been an amazing experience helping the company grow and attain the achievements we have gained to date. I can’t wait to see what the future has to offer the company; how we can grow our team, and help hundreds more customers with their Document Scanning and Document Storage requirements.

“ Peter Lillie, Managing Director”

With our hands on approach to meet our customers exacting needs there is nobody better to look after all your archiving requirements. We can’t wait to see what future years will bring to the company and team; with ongoing industry and technology developments, we have exciting times ahead of us, but as always we will continue to provide the top quality service that our customers have come to expect.

Our state of the art scanners and highly secure warehouses will scan and store your files to ISO9001:2015 standards for years to come. If you or someone you know would benefit from our assistance give us a call today on 0800 783 7079 or email us to find out exactly how we can help you and your business.

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Now Digitally Store your Documents in the Cloud with AMS!

AMS are pleased to announce a new way of storing your records digitally.

We have produced a new piece of software that allows you to search for a file in seconds from our secure Cloud based storage system.

You will no longer need to keep the data on your servers taking up valuable space.

Just with a secure log in you can have access to all your files.

We can offer various options on this service and would be pleased to visit your offices and discuss in more detail.

Therefore please do not hesitate to contact me to book a no obligation site survey at your convenience.

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AMS – PracticeIndex, Recommended GP Supplier

AMS are delighted to be recognised as a PracticeIndex Recommended GP Supplier so if you’re looking for scanning or storage for your surgery please get in touch! For more information check out our listing here:

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More Happy Customers

It makes our day here when customers tell us how pleased they are with our service! Check out the latest testimonial below.

“We have been delighted with the service from AMS. Sending our paper records off site for scanning has freed up office space and the digital scanned images are consistently of a high quality.

The whole process has been handled extremely efficiently and effectively with both prompt and reliable service and friendly and helpful staff.”

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Another Highly Delighted Customer – Medical Practice, North London

It’s always great to receive client testimonials out of the blue and this one really does display the extra mile we go to ensure all our customers kept the very best service:

‘We were always nervous to go through with the scanning of patient notes and had always put off the idea of doing this for various reasons such as security.

However, as the practice grew, the need for adequate storage was proving difficult to fill and we had to address the situation that we were finding ourselves in. 

We found ourselves having to venture into the ‘scanning of patients notes realm’ and we were very nervous. That was until we met up with Paul Sumpter from AMS.

Paul put our minds at ease and talked us through the process of scanning patients notes all the way to the end of the process with the shredding of the patients notes.

This solution has been worthwhile and something that we should have looked into a long time ago.

AMS have been helpful, friendly and efficient. If we were ever worried about anything, especially in the beginning, Paul was always there to guide us and talk through the processes as well as doing a bit of hand holding when our first batch of patient notes were being destroyed.

The whole team have been fantastic and nothing is too much trouble.

We use them on a monthly basis and will continue to do so as it is such a pleasure doing business with them and the reassurance that the scanning is maintained at a high standard.

A special thank you to Adrian the driver who collects and drops of patient notes – he is always so friendly and helpful – and to Tim in admin who is always a pleasure to talk to via email. ‘

S.R – Practice Manager

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Check out our latest testimonial!

Hi Paul

We have used AMS since 2012 and can honestly say they made the whole process of switching so smooth.

We had in excess of 30,000 files to be boxes and catalogued, which AMS did seamlessly.

We request files daily from AMS and they are scanned or delivered promptly the next day. If we have any queries they are always at the end of the phone.

The online system of retrieving files/boxes is a perfect way and makes the process easy because you can search for what you need.

We have also used AMS to scan around 10k files for our key clients and the quality of the work is exceptional and has allowed us to react to our clients needs a lot faster and more cost effectively 



Facilities Manager, Solicitors, London

To find out more about how we can benefit your business, contact us on 0800 783 7079 or for more information and to arrange a free site survey.

Alternatively, download the brochure here.

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AMS Launches Automated Invoice Processing Solution

AMS are pleased to announce a new service which will help businesses process invoices more efficiently. The fully automated invoice processing system enables us to capture your invoices whether paper or in an electronic format and extract all of the information needed by your Accounts team down to line level.

This will significantly reduce the amount of time and resources needed to run this area of your business.

Benefits of our new invoicing solution:

Efficient invoice processing saving time and reducing costs
Increased accuracy as manual data entry eliminated
Reduced storage costs as invoices held electronically to fulfil legal and business compliance
Improved invoice query management as electronic records easily accessed
To find out more about how this new service could benefit your business contact us on 0800 783 7079 or email for more information and to arrange a free site survey.

Alternatively, download the brochure here.

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