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Create Digital Backups of your Most Valued Books and Journals 

With a vast wealth of book scanning experience together with the very latest image capture processing systems, AMS can efficiently and safely convert your books and journals into an easy-to-access digital format.

With our own digital archiving system provided by us, for all your valued books, magazines or journals, you’ll have a secure digitised backup that will last you a lifetime allowing you to retrieve archived information at a moments notice.

Read below for more details on how we go about scanning your books and journals.

Back up your books with us – Call us on 0800 783 7079

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    How we Carefully Scan your Book into a Digital Version

    • We will make a free site visit or have a friendly conversation with you over the phone to assess all your book scanning needs

    • We will provide you a free, no-obligation competitive quote

    • With your agreement our experts can collect a sample of your books or journals from your site

    • We then provide an initial test scan free of charge to show you the quality of our scanning service

    • Once we have your complete agreement we can then we collect the rest of your book collection for scanning at our state-of-the-art scanning centre

    • We will scan your books and digitise them

    • We ALWAYS take the utmost care not to damage your valuable originals

    • We provide you your scanned books on a digital media of your choosing

    • We will return your originals safely, carefully and promptly (or if you like we can store them at our storage facility saving you space back at your office)


    No matter the size, fragility or age of your books, journals, diaries or newspapers our team of scanning technicians have the know-how and expertise to scan accurately – and all to ISO 9001:2015 dedicated standards for complete peace of mind!

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    Our scanning equipment is designed to scan your book into a digital format without causing it any stress to its cover, spine or pages. Together with expert scanning technicians, fully trained to handle delicate books, your archive of books or journals are safe in our hands.

    If you are considering on the next step to take then please complete the form here or call us on 0800 783 7079 - we'll be delighted to help provide you with advice and a no obligation, competitive quote.


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