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Professional Drawings, Plans or Large Format Documents Easily Scanned at AMS

Having the technology to scan large documents such as drawings, plans & maps is not something businesses choose to invest in because of the expense of purchasing and maintaining the equipment. At AMS, using the latest high speed large format scanners, we are able to scan both black & white and colour drawings up to A0 and beyond.

When the job specification has been agreed with you, we will collect your documents, prepare them for scanning and process them. Do not worry if they are mixed in with other documents, we will manage all this for you.

Once your large documents are scanned, the images can be integrated with other document management systems in any of our standard formats or produced as stand-alone files (Adobe Acrobat, TIFF or JPEG).

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    Some examples of the types of large format documents we scan are:

    Large Drawings


    Architectural Drawings

    Engineering Drawings

    Business Process Maps






    Archive Management Systems can scan any of your paper documents into a digital format. For more information please follow the links below or get in touch today for a Free Quote!


    Vectorisation is the process of converting a digital image to a CAD drawing file (usually a DXF format file, usable by most standard CAD systems including AutoCAD).

    The accuracy of this process will depend greatly on the quality of the original document (white prints will produce much better results than diazo or blue copies).

    The big advantage of a vectorised image over a digital image is that rather than just being a picture, the drawing can be edited and reprinted from within the CAD system.

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