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Confidential Scanning Services for Lloyd George Patient Notes

With years of specialist experience in carefully scanning Lloyd George notes for NHS and private medical clients, AMS can efficiently, securely and quickly convert your Lloyd George files into an easy-to-access digital format.

We also provide Lloyd George Notes Storage as well.

Choose us today to scan your Lloyd George files and get all this:

  • High Quality Scanning & Experienced Service Team

  • Confidential and Secure Processes

  • Rapid Turn Around

  • Affordable Prices


By converting your Lloyd George notes into a secure digitised backup will allow you to quickly find and retrieve any Lloyd George file in less than 7 seconds.

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Scroll down this page to understand the scanning process of your Lloyd George Notes.

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    How we Carefully Scan your Lloyd Georges notes into Electronic Records

    • We’ll organise a free site visit to see you or have a friendly phone conversation to assess all your Lloyd George scanning needs.

    • We will provide you a free, no-obligation MARKET-LEADING quote.

    • With your agreement our experts can collect a sample of Lloyd George from your site.

    • We then provide an initial TEST scan absolutely free of charge to show you the quality of our scanning service – with no obligation.

    • If you are happy to proceed we can then we collect the rest of your Lloyd George notes for scanning at our state-of-the-art scanning centre in the UK.

    • We will then scan your notes and digitise them into high resolution electronic formats.

    • We ONLY take the utmost care not to damage your valuable originals.

    • We then provide you your scanning Lloyd George notes on a digital media of your choosing.

    • Once scanned we can store them in our secure warehouse, securely destroy your records or return to you.

    ** All Scanning is completed to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standards for complete peace of mind!**

    why use ams for scanning lloyd george notes?

    Reasons why organisations choose to use our Lloyd George scanning services.

    Confidential Service

    You can ensure that your Lloyd George notes will remain secure and confidential with our trusted team.

    Latest Scanning Technology

    Our team can provide the best quality scanning solutions with the use of industry leading scanning technology.

    ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organisation

    We are ISO Accredited ensuring that we provide a quality service with the highest customer satisfaction.

    Fast, Efficient & Reliable Service

    We collect, prepare, and process all your documents for you, making the process smooth and simple for our customers.

    Highly Secure Scanning Facility

    Lloyd George notes can feature confidential data, our secure scanning facility ensures that any sensitive data remains safe.

    Best UK Prices

    With our competitive pricing we are sure that we will be able to beat any other quote that you receive.

    Our Document Scanning Services

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