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Document Storage Management for Increasing Office Storage Space & Workplace Efficiency

Document storage services are a highly efficient way to easily free up space in your workplace. If you have documents you use on an infrequent basis but must keep for security, confidentiality or record keeping purposes, then storing your documents off-site will offer up more space and help make your office or workplace much more efficient.

Key Benefits of Using AMS’ Record Storage Services:

Free-up space in your workplace and work more efficiently
Easy and convenient – We pick up your documents from your office
Request your files at any time and have them back on your desk within hours
• Storage and retrieval services for any size of business
Authorise specific individuals to be able to retrieve your data/files
Highly secure storage – we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation
• Archive Management’s Services are rated 5 Star

We are committed to delivering a worldclass archive management service and with over 40 years’ experience you can be sure your documents will be safely stored with us.

Contact us to learn more about our document and records storage services or to get your free, no-obligation quote for secure document storage and retrieval services.

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Things to Think About When Looking for Business Document Storage Solutions

Increased Efficiency and Greater Cost Savings

If your office is being taken over by records and information on paper then you’re likely taking up valuable space that could be better used! Our experienced team can help you free up that valuable office space and substantially increase your team’s efficiency in the workplace.

Access Control under GDPR

With GDPR now in force it is crucial to keep your records away from prying eyes and out of the wrong hands. If your documents contain personal or confidential information for both clients or your employees then they should only be stored securely and accessed in a safe manner.

Our highly secured Records Storage Facilities will only permit the correctly authorised individuals to retrieve your stored data and files, making it a safe and ideal solution for securing confidential information related to your business or organisation.

Types of Secure Document Storage

Our secure Storage Facilities come with a backup power source, to ensure your records remain protected even if the power goes out. The types of documents we regularly provide storage for our clients are:

•             Paper

•             Film

•             X-Rays

•             Microfilm

•             Compact Discs

•             Magnetic Tapes

Legal Compliance When Keeping Old Records

Many businesses keep large amounts of records and data, but if they neglect to use a document retention plan for their necessary documents then they risk having someone unauthorised accidently discard critical or sensitive information that should be retained.

Archive Management Systems can help assist you with generating the right document retention policies alongside our document storage services. Our team can help you choose which files to keep and for how long – we can also then assist with the destruction of data when it is no longer needed.

Disaster Protection & Planning

We all hope for the best and think a major disaster will never affect us, but a serious catastrophe could wreck your organisation’s important business documents in minutes. By using Archive Management Systems we can help substantially reduce the chance of your records being destroyed by storing them at our secure storage facility with full 24/7 protection.

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To learn more about the document storage and retrieval services we offer or to get your free, no-obligation and competitive quote for secure storage, complete our contact form or call our team on 0800 783 7079 today.



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    Our Customers

    Listed below are a selection of the types of UK customers we work with, helping to securely store their company documents, records and files. References are available on request, please call 0800 783 7079 for more information.

    NHS Trusts

    Charitable Organisations

    Law Firms & Solicitors



    Medical Practices & Clinics

    Local Government Authorities

    Financial Institutions


    Private Sector Organisations

    Schools, Colleges & Universities

    Government Institutions

    Construction & Engineering Firms

    Private Individuals

    Public Sector Organisations

    Why Use AMS?

    Fast, Efficient & Reliable Service

    We are always aiming higher and higher when it comes to our customer service, and we are proud to provide fast, efficient and reliable services.

    Confidential Service

    We want you to be able to trust your documents with us, our trusted team provide a quality service, ensuring your confidential documents are secure.

    40 years of Document Storage Experience

    Our experienced team have been provide the best quality and reliable service for over 40 years, we are real experts in our industry.

    ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organisation

    Our ISO Accrediation demonstrates a high customer satisfaction and great service quality that our team are able to provide.

    Next Day & Urgent Retrieval Services

    If you need urgent access to your documents, we can arrange next day service, urgent retrival, and scan on demand.

    24 Hour Access, 365 Days Per Year

    We want to ensure we provide our customers with ease of access to their documentation all year round so you can access your information when you need it.

    Highly Secure Storage Facility

    We understand the importance of security, all our documents are stored in our secure facility by staff which are all CRB checked.

    Daily Collections across the South

    As part of our speedy service, our team collect your documents on a daily basis allowing you to quickly move your paperwork to our secure facility.

    Best UK Prices, We’ll Beat Any Other Quote

    We offer competitive prices for our Document Storage services, contact our team to receive a no obligation quote.

    What Our Clients Say

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    If you need our Document Storage services then contact our team today to find out more about how we can help you and receive a free, no obligation quote. Call us on 0800 783 7079.

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