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To complement our document scanning services, we offer our own free electronic document search software to all of our scanning clients.

amsView search software enables you to keep track of your electronic documents (formats including tiff and jpeg with the ability to convert to pdf) in an organised and easy to use manner.

The software allows you to browse documents in a tree view listing (Windows Explorer style) or to use the sophisticated search tool which has various options including a “fuzzy” logic search. This finds and returns documents with similar names and ranks them in order of similarity to the original search

When setting up your database you can have as many index fields as you need for an effective database, for example if you have an HR database you may want to search on Employee Name, Employee Number, Date of Birth and Department as well as having each employees documents broken down into sections such as Starter Forms, Absence, Leavers Forms etc.

An amsView database can be a one-off record of old documents, or can be updated periodically depending on your needs.

What Our Clients Say

amsView Software Screenshots

Benefits of amsView

  • Intuitive and easy to use

  • It is easy to perform the searches you need to

  • Documents are organised by the criteria you define

  • Convert documents easily to PDF

  • Share, print or email easily

For a more in depth guide of how to use amsView please Download a copy of the document here.


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